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Open Your Mind to Innate Hypnosis

Innate is a body-wide system that "knows" more than anything that your nervous system or brain system could ever know. Innate is everywhere DNA is, in any form that DNA exists. It's unique and it's you.

Innate knows what the ancients knew because it's connected to the Higher Self. What is the prime directive of Innate? It is to do everything it can for you, giving you multiple chances at free choice, allowing an awakening to take place.


Innate hypnosis is a way to tap into the power of love, connect with your innate wisdom and create a clear space in which you can remember your own innate healing power. Every cell in your body is alive with innate intelligence and can connect with a "unified energy field of possibility". You have the ability to use the innate power within yourself to change the course of your life.

Why Does Everyone Need a Hypnosis Session?

The human body is a big repository of repressed emotions, which are stored in our subconscious waiting for us to deal with them. When no special attention is paid to them, when they are denied, avoided, minimized or blocked, they start manifesting as physical symptoms: tension, headaches, pain, cancer, etc. Your external is a constant reflection of your internal experience. Those emotions could have generated in this life, from a recent situation, childhood, in the mother's womb and birth experience or even a previous life.

Emotions condense as energy particles that, if not expressed as emotions, become lodged in the spaces between atoms and molecules. Once the emotion become a particle, it creates a block (dis-ease) in the physical body. This is literally the filter becoming clogged.

Emotions cannot kill you, but running away from them can. "You have to feel to heal" means you allow yourself to become aware of emotion that is held in your body.

Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.

When we change our emotional state and open our heart, we can change our life, heal our body and create a new reality.

Using hypnosis we get access to a person's subconscious and go to the origin of those psychosomatic symptoms. Once we understand the psychological or emotional origin and deal with it, the symptom disappears. Healing is internal, the healer is always You. Real healing is about rediscovering your own innate power.


“Know there is within self all healing that maybe accomplished for the body”.

Edgar Cayce

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